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The golden story of Carat Jewellery spreads across a humble beginning to a success formula in Diamond Jewellery industry. The pioneer, Mr. Ahmed Mohammed albaiti had been successful in adding a golden episode to the history of Saudi Arabia gold trade. Behind the success epitome there was a courageous decision clubbed with an un matching dedication, clear vision, an iron will with sheer hard work.

He has been translating his personal adjectives into a saga of success since 1988. Today its persistent excellence has taken Carat to the hearts of millions of customers across Saudi Arabia. Always cherishing the dreams of the common people and catering to their version of dreams and design has won him more hearts than honors.

Carat Jewellery has earned a reputation for superior quality and value, making it the first of choice brand for both discerning customers and business associates. The ongoing endeavor at Carat Jewellery is to create an unparalleled brand experience that offers customers collections that last generations. Currently we have 6 branches in major cities of Saudi Arabia and our manufacturing unit sited jeddah. We are leader member of "DMJ" (Diamond member of jeddah).

We have wide variety of prayer beads designs made from highest quality, genuine gemstones, 925 sterling silver and wooden types. Each product is truly handcrafted by our Anatolian artisans using silverwork. We are registered our prayer beads brand in the name of "Subhathi".

Contact us:-

Head office and Manufacturing Unit
Building No : 34, Zumurud Street, Mushrifa Dist, Jeddah.
Ph : 0126175812, Fax : 01261702372

Our Branches

Jeddah :

Thahliya Center, Thahliya Street
Ph: 012 2635041

Jeddah :

Shulah Center, Madinah Road
Ph : 012 6651075

Khobar :

Al Qasriya, Al-Rashed Mall
Ph : 013 8991064

Khobar :

Gate No : 60, Al-Rashed Mall
Ph : 013 8937474